Education Crisis in Africa

School Yes, Learning No

educationAll across Africa, there are some 130 million children that are school-aged, but around 20 million of them will never go to school.

What’s even more frustrating is that almost 40 million more of these children in Africa will go to school, but learn so little that they’re not likely to get into a better position than the kids who did receive no schooling at all.

Consequently, the outlook for social development and economic growth in Africa is, sadly enough, desperate.

This analysis comes from the Brookings Center for Universal Education which developed the new ‘Africa Learning Barometer’ which is based on existing data that were used to create a fundamental learning assessment on the African Continent.

The barometer offers great insights into the state of educational achievements in 28 sub-Saharan African countries. The assessments were …

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Making change possible means more collaboration

images-94Some things in life are so special that they deserve a REALLY special setting. Like seeing penguins in their own habitat. HOW AMAZING is that (or to use the word of the week – AWESOME!) Please excuse the capitalization – but this is EXCITING!!!!!!

In among the ordinary and the mundane, the extraordinary and the innovative can flourish. At the end of someone’s back garden at Simonstown, there was the most extraordinary thing to see – penguins in their own environment.

Turn around 180 degrees from looking at the sea and you see the houses.  The gardens. “Normal” life. But this is “normal” for these penguins. Just like the innovative projects seen at the worldwide innovative education forum in Cape Town last week – they are at the end of SOMEONE’s back garden. They are someone else’s “NORMAL”.

But to …

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Tourism Will Help South Africa’s Poor

south-africa-townshipIt was in 1992 that South Africans voted to put an end to the terrible system of “Apartheid”, and in 1996, a governmental commission came up with the idea that touristic developments could and should very well be used to support the social, environmental, and economic goals as laid out by South Africa’s government, and to develop and empower communities that previously were severely neglected.

The entire South African tourism industry has an estimated volume of some US$10 billion annually, which accounts for around 7% of the country’s GDP.

South Africa’s government plan to let the tourism sector help alleviate poverty and develop under-privileged sectors of the South African society has recently received much attention from national and international agencies that are active in the world of tourism and development.…

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Booking in Africa

africa-avatarOf all of the world’s continents, Africa is the third largest. Africa counts 11,608,000 Square Miles, or 30,065,000 Square Km’s, and covers a little over twenty percent of the entire land area of out planet.

The continent was possibly named Africa for the Afridi Tribe. They lived in the northern portions of Africa in the Carthage area, but there are more explanations.

There’s also the theory that the name was derived from “aphrike”, a Greek word meaning “without cold”, or from “aprica”, the Latin word for “sunny”.

Originally, the Romans used the word Africa to denote only the northern portion of the entire African continent.

When should I visit Africa?

Well, this really doesn’t matter so much.

Take a closer look at these considerations:…

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