Best Vacations in Africa

Why Visit Africa

images (11)If you’re seeking a great and thrilling travel destination but are not sure which part of the world to go, think Africa. This is a highly diverse and enormous continent that’s full of dramatic scenery, numerous fascinating cultures, and extraordinary wildlife and animals.

The African continent is offering the best and most amazing traveling experiences our planet provides.

A lot of people, when they think about vacationing and travelling in Africa will think safaris, but you need to turn to professional organizations who are vastly experiences in organizing top safaris.

Let’s see where you should go to and at what time of the year. How about finding suitable accommodation and transportation? Well, there are some very good Africa Safari Guides that will provides you with every sort of detailed answer. Let’s first see where you should go.

Africa offers a wide variety of great destinations that provide multiple and highly varying holiday experiences in both Southern and East Africa. Among the most popular activities are the ‘Wildebeest Migration Safaris’ in  Serengeti and the Masai Mara, the ‘Big 5 Safaris’ in the famous Kruger National Park.
Also in high demand are ‘Gorilla Trekking’ in the Rwanda and Uganda forests, ‘Whale Watching’ around Hermanus, and ‘Beach Holidays’ on South Africa’s Indian Ocean Coast and around Cape Town.  
There are so many types of safaris and holidays on offer throughout the African continent, and regardless whether you’re looking to find a combination tour packages with all the highlights, or a specialized safari at one specific location, there are specialist organizations that can tailor-make whatever tour you have in mind.

The Best Vacations in Africa

The African continent is an unforgettable and magic destination that offers the perfect solution for all sorts of travelers. Regardless whether you’re looking for a romantic or decadent honeymoon getaway, outdoor fun for the entire family, an exciting adventurous vacation, or a unique Big 5 African safari, the African continent offers it all. Africa Safari Experts can be found everywhere to provide you with the best Africa vacations and safaris.

Usually, their knowledge is based on the best first-hand experience, and most have traveled the length and breadth of the entire African continent to know all about the most luxurious and best hotels and lodges.

They will bring you to the most exceptional areas, scenic beauty, and captivating wildlife, all under professional guidance and with hassle-free logistical support.The best safaris in Africa are also great for your romance and luxury breaks.

East Africa is offering the most perfect balance of dramatic scenery, luxurious relaxation, spectacular wildlife. If you want, you can also take a ‘Safari and Beach Vacation’ that combines a pleasant stay at a very idyllic island resort on the Indian Ocean with a great wilderness experience in East Africa.South Africa is a world apart.

The country has a lot to offer such as great outdoor adventures, fine city life with a famous wine culture and intriguing food, and of course the world famous Big 5 Safaris, and it should be noted that South Africa is home to several safari reserves that are malaria-free.

This makes the country perfect for family vacationing and other activities.You can also check out Zambia or Zimbabwe, where you can combine an African safari excursion with an impressive visit to the famous great Victoria Falls, actually the world’s largest body of falling water. Also absolutely worth visiting is Botswana’s Okavango Delta, an impressive and unique water oasis right in the middle of the Kalahari Desert.

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