Education Crisis in South Africa

The Minister of Education in South Africa has openly admitted that the school system in South Africa is in a state of utter crisis. The country doesn’t provide an educational system of reasonable quality for all its citizens, and it comes as a surprise that several new initiatives are showing up, such as recently the GED test opt-in. So read on to learn more about the Education Crisis in South Africa.

There are more and more parents who choose to homeschool and use free online resources such as to prepare their kids for the GED test and work toward a more rewarding future. The GED test is a series of four sub-tests on the subject fields of language, science, social studies, and math that originated in the U.S. but is also available in South Africa.

Upon successful completion of …

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The People of South Africa

Many people think of the people in South Africa as either Black or White. The reality, however, is a rich melting pot of enormous diversity – in many ways like America. Today’s South Africa is, in fact, a product of peoples and cultures from the four corners of the globe. Only the San and Khoi bushpeople are really indigenous to the lands of southern Africa. Let’s talk a bit more about the people of South Africa.

Tribes such as the Xhosa and Zulu later migrated from Central Africa regions. The following BBC Africa video gives a clear picture of today’s issues in South Africa (some are not black enough, some are not white enough…):

Europeans sailed to this “new land” in search of freedom from persecution, new opportunities, adventure and – of course – a part of South Africa’s vast …

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The Zulu People – Key in South Africa’s Colorful History

When it comes to numbers, the Zulu tribe (locally known as amaZulu) dominates the South African region, with a few residing in Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Their language is simply known as Zulu and they were classified as third class citizens. So let’s take a closer look at the Zulu People – key in South Africa’s colorful history!

During the 19th to 20th century, their kingdom played a major role in Southern Africa’s rich culture and history. In the era where Apartheid was still practiced, they suffered most from discrimination among their race. Now, they share equal rights among other people on the continent.

Formerly part of a much larger clan in the Northern KwaZulu-Natal, the Zulu kingdom was established in 1816 under the reign of their king Shaka. He started out his venture in uniting confederated tribes. This paved …

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Health in Africa

It is no new knowledge that African health is one of the biggest concerns for the people of the second-largest and second-most populated continent in the world. With over a billion people, health in Africa has become a global priority.

Nations around the world are constantly trying to urge people to the health issues and dangers that the African people are suffering due to lack of resources. African health is not an issue that concerns only the African continent, but it is, in fact, an issue with global impact and ramifications. Check out also this 2016 video about the transformation of healthcare and the accessibility of healthcare in Africa and around the world:

However, one of the biggest concerns to address is the fact that even though people know that African health and well-being is certainly a concern at the …

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Cape Town Attractions You Must Visit

There are so many great places to visit in Cape Town and one of them is Table Mountain. At Table Mountain, you will be able to take and you can take a cable ride or hike to the flat top of this mountain for some very breathtaking views of the area. Another great attraction is the Castle of Good Hope but let’s check out some more Cape Town attractions you must visit.

At the Castle of Good Hope, you can take one of the guided tours to see the most of the area. Tours start every hour and you will just love what you will see. Then you will definitely want to stop at the Two Oceans Aquarium where you will be treated with the largest aquarium in South Africa. You can watch the sharks be fed and see 300 …

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Exploitation of African Nations – the Game Continues

It is a case of Same Game Different Rules, New masks Old Villains, Same Feces Different Toilet. The western world’s exploitation of Africa has taken on many different forms over the years. Countries now take turns in looting the continent. From the United States of America to China, everyone wants to get a piece of this continental cake or dare I say continental steak meat. So when it comes to the exploitation of African Nations – the game continues.

Africa has suffered a lot from outside exploitation: from the Atlantic slave trade, the Arab slave trade, western exploitation, and now the Chinese catching up very fast. All claiming to “help” Africa. Even the Slave Masters will tell you that they helped Africans by taking them out of their country, teaching them Christianity and how to read and write. Talk about …

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From Brain Drain To Brain Regain

African scientists on the road back home

Facts on the African brain drain are old or hard to find. One thing is clear, though. Those who are able to travel will expand their professional insights and horizons by doing so. Remains the question of whether these people will return back home to share their new knowledge and experiences. So let’s hope Africa comes from Brain Drain To Brain Regain.

If you are part of that demographic that was fortunate enough to receive a proper education, chances are your eyes will be opened up towards worlds beyond, regardless of your country or financial background. And it goes without saying that if you had that education and your cash is tight, you might want to explore and experience a few of these new worlds from up close.

During recent years, this has …

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Orphanage Placements – Volunteering in Tanzania

General Overview – There is a high demand for orphanages throughout Tanzania due to the overwhelming number of children left behind when their parents pass away due to illness and disease, including HIV. There are two main types of orphanages throughout Tanzania, day orphanages and boarding orphanages. Here, we’ll take a closer look at Orphanage Placements – Volunteering in Tanzania.

The day orphanages which are most common are run like schools where children attend during the day and go home to stay with family friends or relatives in the afternoon. Children are sent to these orphanages (prior to school) as their carers are unable to look after them during the day. Boarding orphanages run around the clock and are usually overcrowded and understaffed due to high demand and the expenses associated with running them.

Volunteers are able to feed the …

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Cape Town History

Cape Town is not only the capital of South Africa, it is also the capital of the Western Cape Province. It has a memorable natural harbor. In South Africa, it has the second most people in the country. In this post, we’ll go a little deeper into Cape Town History.

This city is home to over 450.000 residents but the metropolitan area has more than 3.5 million people that are proud to live in the wonderful area. Another interesting fact about the city of Cape Town is that it receives the largest number of tourists in the country. Tourism is a big industry in this town and you will see that by the way you are treated.

Not only will you see some beautiful Scenery in Cape Town, but this is also home to some very unique plants. Then, get …

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Tanzania Tourist Attractions and Climate

Wildlife Safari – Nothing takes your breath away more than seeing some of the worlds most beautiful creatures roaming in their natural surrounds. There is an overwhelming feeling of serenity attached to the freedom of the wilderness that somehow ‘just becomes you’. In this post, we’ll address Tanzania Tourist Attractions and Climate. With the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti being among many game park reserves to choose from, there’s no better place to ‘lose yourself in the wild’ than Tanzania.

Zanzibar – Sit back, relax and soak up the sun on the white sands of Zanzibar’s beaches, then cool off in the amazing turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Simply put, there is no better place to take time out and just ‘let it all go’ than stunning, stunning Zanzibar.

Mount Kilimanjaro – Looking for that piece of adventure you …

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African History and Heritage

African history and African heritage are topics that are crucial in the study of human civilization. Not only is the study of African history important as it relates to the rest of the world, but furthermore, it is also one of the most extensive and complex to undertake. African history and heritage can trace back their roots to what is arguably the single most important piece of human history. It has been concluded that man originated somewhere in the eastern regions of the African continent.

Africa, in fact, can be considered to be the birthplace of the human race. This simple yet important fact is not only crucial in African history, but also in the history of man and of the Earth. Though there has been much to study in terms of artifacts and other important pieces of history left …

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